Chat wrap: Tannehill for the Redskins?

February, 15, 2012
We had our weekly chat Tuesday, and if you missed it, that's just too bad for you. A mere recap of a few of the highlights is a poor substitute for the glory that is the chat itself. But I offer it anyway, because I understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to experience these things first-hand. You had work, school, nap, whatever. You forgot. Whatever the reason, I'm disappointed, but I'm here for you.

Alex from NY asked about Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill as a possible quarterback solution for the Washington Redskins at No. 6 in the draft.

Dan Graziano: He's a wild card. Converted WR who I think made 30 college starts at QB. Can he move all the way up to No. 6 pick territory between now and April 26? He's not there yet, from what I've seen, but he could be this year's Christian Ponder -- a guy who goes much sooner than anyone expected because of the importance placed on that position. Long time between now and the draft. I always go back to two years ago, when at this point Mark Sanchez was a late first-rounder but the Jets traded all the way up to 5 to pick him on Day One.

Gobizzle from D.C. wanted to know whether the Dallas Cowboys might finally move Jay Ratliff to defensive end from nose tackle this offseason.

DG: I believe it'd make sense to move him out there. If they can't upgrade over Anthony Spencer at OLB, which is a possibility, they'll need playmakers on the ends. I'd look for a big, monster NT to eat up blockers and let Ratliff do his more athletic thing on the edge.

Luke M from NJ asked whether offensive line or defensive back was a more important position for the New York Giants to address this offseason.

DG: I think the line is more important, since they have last year's first-round pick, Prince Amukamara, as well as possibly Terrell Thomas in the DB mix. The line is aging, Kareem McKenzie is a free agent, David Diehl won't be there forever... they need to be thinking about what their line will look like for the next half-decade or so.

Mike from New Lisbon asked whether the Philadelphia Eagles would fire Andy Reid if they failed to reach the Super Bowl this coming season.

DG: I don't see how they have to reach the Super Bowl. What if they have the year the Packers just had -- go 15-1 and lose in the playoffs? Can you fire a coach off of that?

And then Person from DC helpfully pointed out that the Chargers once fired Marty Schottenheimer off a 14-2 season that included a first-round playoff exit, so it does happen.

DG: It does. And it could. My point is that the Eagles have to have a great season, but that you can have a great season and still not reach the Super Bowl. Also, I think there were some personality conflicts in San Diego with Schottenheimer and management.

Again, we do this every Tuesday. Next week, please do drop by.

Dan Graziano

ESPN New York Giants reporter



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