Breakfast links: Tracking Terrell Thomas

Best winter ever continues. I have a northern New Jersey forecast that says 50 degrees today, and I can't remember where my snow shovel is. Almost feels like spring, which would mean free agency and draft and all that good stuff. But it's not. Yet. And so we stick with what we have. Which is links.

New York Giants

When you win the Super Bowl, other teams come after your people. The Giants lost assistant offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr. to the Kansas City Chiefs, who have made him their offensive line coach. This just a few days after quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan left to become offensive coordinator for Greg Schiano in Tampa Bay. Hard to say what impact, if any, these moves will have on the Giants' on-field product in 2012, but it's another sign that nothing is forever.

Giants fans are paying attention to the rehab of cornerback Terrell Thomas, who tore his ACL in the preseason. The Giants surely are as well. Their decision on whether to bring back Thomas, and for how much, is likely to be rooted in what they can learn about his health between now and the start of free agency. With Aaron Ross likely to depart via free agency, the Giants would surely love to be able to re-sign Thomas at a reduced cost thanks to his injury.

Philadelphia Eagles

There are few more stringent believers in the "Wide 9" defensive line concept than Jason Babin, who has flourished in the scheme under Jim Washburn for the past two seasons. Babin adds his voice to the chorus of Eagles emboldened by the strong finish and eager to continue their progress as a defense in 2012.

Steve Spagnuolo spoke about his decision to take the New Orleans Saints' defensive coordinator job over the amorphous, undefined role he was apparently offered by Andy Reid in Philadelphia. I'm not sure that's a decision that really needs explaining, am I right?

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins' sources tell him the Cowboys are not interested in UStream sensation Randy Moss, who's trying to return to the NFL after a year in which no one wanted him and two season after he flopped miserably with three different teams. That's one down, 31 to go.

Nick Eatman has a list of five Cowboys players who weren't starters in 2011 but could have a chance to make more significant contributions in 2012. Bruce Carter and Sean Lissemore seem like obvious candidates, but check out what Nick has to say about Barry Church, Andre Holmes and Alex Albright. There could be some serious opportunity at linebacker for a guy like Albright, especially if a guy like Carter can't take the next step for which the Cowboys are hoping.

Washington Redskins

Mike Jones analyzes the Redskins' quarterback dilemma and wonders, as some of you have begun to wonder, if it might make sense to take a second-tier option such as Ryan Tannehill all the way up at No. 6 if they can't or won't trade a bunch of first-round picks to get Robert Griffin III. This came up in Tuesday's chat, and I wonder if Tannehill can improve his stock enough to get that high by April 26.

Hogs Haven broke down the Redskins' own free agents by tier. I agree with their first tier, and the idea that they could upgrade at starting center and still bring back Will Montgomery as a utility lineman who can play guard as well. I also expect that they'll bring back Tim Hightower as the starting running back, since they like their depth there and believe he's a better passing-game asset than Roy Helu or Evan Royster.