Is Adams the dirtiest player in the Beast?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams has been fined for the second consecutive week, this time for $12,500 for a tripping penalty late in the first half and an unnecessary kick in the direction of Osi Umenyiora in the fourth quarter of Sunday night's game. NFL spokesman Randall Liu confirmed the fine to the Beast earlier this afternoon.

Justin Tuck, who injured his shoulder after being tripped by Adams, called the play "bush league" and several of his teammates agreed. On Wednesday, coach Tom Coughlin called the play a "flagrant foul."

I was amazed to see the statistic on television Sunday night that Adams had been called for 27 penalties since 2007. That's more than anyone else in the NFL during that time period. I can remember a time when Adams was master of the false start, but now he's upped the ante with an increasing number of 15-yard violations.

Sometimes you see older players start doing things to compensate for their declining skills. I think we're seeing that with Adams. And if we took a poll right now around the NFC East, I think Adams would be voted the division's dirtiest player. What do you guys think?