Cowboys struggle with cheerleader exam

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

If you're someone who becomes upset when we write about anything off the field, now's a good time to stop reading.

OK, ESPN The Magazine's Rick Reilly obtained a copy of the written exam that prospective Cowboys Cheerleaders take during tryouts -- and it's not as easy as one might imagine.

Reilly asked 12 Cowboys players to take the exam -- and only defensive end Marcus Spears passed with flying colors. The other players struggled with questions that involved Texas and Cowboys history as well as world affairs. Here are some of the lowlights:

  • Asked to name the two former Cowboys in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, proud Florida State grad Pat Watkins responded, "Joe Namath and Troy Aikman."

  • Only two of the 12 players could name the governor of Texas -- tight end Jason Witten and Spears. It's Rick Perry, by the way.

  • Asked to name three lean proteins, Watkins said, "Fish, chick, duck."

  • Travis Bright was the only player who knew how many Super Bowls the Cowboys had played in -- eight. Unfortunately, though, Bright couldn't remember that Roger Staubach played for the Cowboys.