Will Zorn make it through the season?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Anyone who thinks Jim Zorn's job is safe until the end of the season hasn't spent much time around Redskins owner Dan Snyder. He's a Jerry Jones protege, only without the Lombardi trophies. And quite honestly, Jones has a lot more patience than Snyder -- as evidenced by Wade Phillips still roaming the sidelines.

Snyder happens to own an ESPN radio affiliate in the D.C. area and one of his hosts, Kevin Sheehan, asked the following question of Zorn this week: "Is Sunday a game that could affect your job security?"

Zorn, normally a patient man, shot back: "I won't even answer that question. I'm trying to get ready for Detroit. I'm not worried about my job."

And while I've been a firm supporter of the Zorn administration, it's true that his fate could be decided over the next four games. With a favorable schedule, there's no reason the Redskins couldn't be 4-2 heading into a big divisional game against the Eagles. But as Mike Wise points out this morning in the Post, a 3-3 record might cause Snyder to make an in-season move. That's not something his hero, Jones, would do but it's certainly in Snyder's playbook. He fired Norv Turner in Dec. 2000, when the Redskins had a 7-6 record. And speaking of impatience, Snyder fired Marty Schottenheimer despite the fact the Redskins won eight of their final 11 games in 2001. The ol' ball coach was too good to pass up at that point.

I personally think it would be crazy to fire the guy who calls the plays and manages the quarterbacks midway through the season, but don't put it past Snyder to make a move. Right now, it's not looking good for Zorn and quarterback Jason Campbell. But I do recall a certain NFC East coach who barely held onto his job following the '06 season -- and he went on to win a Super Bowl.

I'm just sayin' ...