Breakfast links: Eagles looking at tackles

Good morning to ya. We have some fun stuff planned for today. Our first blogger mock draft will be posted sometime during the day, so you can see who I picked for each of our division's four teams (based on who the other bloggers picked for their division's four teams). And our Redskins fans will surely be excited to catch tonight's episode of "Gruden's QB Camp," featuring Robert Griffin III. We'll get it all started the only way we know how -- with some links.

Dallas Cowboys

New Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr took a question about Giants receiver Victor Cruz and used it to promise Cowboys fans he'd do what he can to stop Cruz from salsa dancing against Dallas in 2012. Fun offseason talk, to be sure, though as Tim MacMahon points out, Carr isn't likely to be the one covering Cruz.

The Cowboys have hired Leon Lett, who achieved some measure of fame for some on-field miscues during his time as a Cowboys player, as an assistant defensive line coach. I'm always interested to see which players end up making good coaches, and while Lett is remembered for celebrating a Super Bowl touchdown before he was in the end zone and for the Thanksgiving Day goof against the Dolphins in 1993, he was a very good player.

New York Giants

The Giants' backfield, already thinned by the loss of free agent Brandon Jacobs to the 49ers, will be without aspiring vocalist Andre Brown for the first four games of 2012. Brown was suspended for violating the league's policy against performance-enhancing drugs. Ohm wonders how this might affect the Giants' offseason plans. My thinking is that if Andre Brown was a big part of the 2012 running back plan, they should already have been looking for running backs.

Kerry J. Byrne of Cold Hard Football Facts is shaking his head. According to his metrics, the 2007 Giants had the worst statistical profile of any team ever to win the Super Bowl ... until the 2011 Giants came along and did it. It's hard to argue with anything Byrne writes (and I did enjoy the Bill & Ted references, because I'm old), but it seems as though this analysis really just proves that the smart thing for the rest of the NFL to do is to keep Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning out of the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles

As the Eagles scramble to replace an injured Jason Peters, they hosted free-agent tackle Demetrius Bell over the weekend. They have yet to sign him, though, and could be looking at other options.

There has been some too-easy analysis on the Peters situation that suggests, because they have a left-handed quarterback, that the Eagles' loss of a left tackle isn't as bad as it might be for some other teams. That ignores Peters' special ability and, as Jason Vida of ESPN Stats & Information writes, ignores Peters' contributions to the Eagles' running game.

Washington Redskins

This will be the sixth time in NFL history that quarterbacks are taken with the first two picks in the draft, as Dan Daly points out, and the first time that those two quarterbacks finished first and second in Heisman Trophy voting. Dan examines the reasons that Griffin and Andrew Luck will forever be linked, no matter which of them gets picked first later this month.

In Todd McShay's conference call late last week, he discussed some possible options at tackle for the zone-blocking Redskins if they decide to take one in the third round. Remember, the Redskins will pick second on the draft's opening night and then won't pick again until Round 3. With Jammal Brown still and always an injury concern, tackle could be next on their shopping list after quarterback. The draft, my friends, is 24 days away.