Cowboys QB Tony Romo has a son

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is a father. His wife, Candice, gave birth Monday to the couple's first child, a boy they named Hawkins Crawford Romo. Crawford is Candice's maiden name. I have no explanation for Hawkins as a first name, nor can I imagine one.

However, the news of the day is that everyone's fine and happy, and Romo, who turns 32 himself later this month, has reached a point in his life at which a man's priorities change. I can't speak for the fabulously wealthy, but my own experience with fatherhood is that it focuses and motivates you to an extent that nothing else that happened previously in your life ever did or could. I don't know whether this will be the case with Romo, or how it might affect his on-field football performance, but it's worth pointing out that becoming a parent does change the way a person looks at the world. And as such, this development is a significant one in Romo's life and possibly his career.

That's all I have. I hereby leave you all to make all of your cracks about young Hawkins in relation to interceptions, botched field goal snaps and failure to win playoff games. I trust you will all find this extremely entertaining, and I wish you well as you engage in it. Perhaps I'll check back later to see if you've come up with anything new.