Breakfast links: Don't walk under ladders

Friday links. Friday the 13th links. Careful with these. Could be bad luck. We'll do them in reverse order today, to try and ward off curses.

Washington Redskins

John Keim was determined not to write about Robert Griffin III for a change, and so he went hunting for names of tackles and running backs the Redskins might be able to find in the middle rounds of the draft. He has actual names. Read it.

Whatever Madieu Williams is able to contribute on the field, Redskins fans can feel good about the person they're rooting for. Check out this on Williams' charitable work, which earned him the 2010 Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

Philadelphia Eagles

Wow, did Andy Reid find a way to make Vince Young feel good about being told goodbye. Young says Reid told him he'd have loved to bring him back, but that Young is "not a backup." I mean, it's nice that Young's confidence has been spared here, but I fail to see what he did in 2011 that makes him not a backup now if he was one then.

The performance of safety Nate Allen is likely to be a key factor in the success of the Eagles' defense in 2012. The team is counting on him to take a big step forward, and it sounds as though he's aware of the opportunity in front of him.

New York Giants

Just when it seemed things between Osi Umenyiora and the Giants had mellowed, the defensive end is once again making noises of discontent. He wouldn't say whether he'd be at the facility when voluntary workouts began Monday, he doesn't like "being a backup," and that while he wants a contract extension and to stay with the Giants, the idea that he could be traded has indeed crossed his mind. I don't think they're trading him, though I do think he's at peak value right now and from that standpoint this would be the wisest possible time to trade him if they did want to do it.

Keith Rivers, the newest member of the Giants' defense, is hoping the injury problems he's had the past couple of years are a thing of the past. The team's official release announcing the trade identified Rivers as a weak side linebacker and pointed out that Michael Boley plays that position. It did not go into detail about how the Giants were planning to align their linebackers in 2012. Methinks they're waiting to see how the draft shakes out.

Dallas Cowboys

New dad Tony Romo says he won't be satisfied with his career unless he finds a way to win a Super Bowl title. That's good for Cowboys fans to hear, because they generally feel the same way about Romo's career. The difference seems to be that Romo hasn't given up hope.

Bradie James signed with the Texans, which isn't any kind of big shock, since the Texans just traded an inside linebacker to the Eagles and the Cowboys had long ago decided not to bring back James. Todd Archer looks back on what was a pretty good career for James in Dallas.