Chad Jones is back with the Giants

People ask for updates sometimes on Chad Jones, the safety the New York Giants picked in the second round two years ago and whose life and career were nearly ended by a car accident a short time later. As he promised, Jones is at the Giants' team facility this week for the start of the offseason conditioning workouts with his teammates. Per Mike Garafolo of The Star-Ledger:

I'm told Jones was outside running today. He's continuing his rehab here at the Giants' facility after working with physical therapist John Moran for nearly two years in New Orleans.

To clear up two things, though:

-- It sounds like Jones must still be cleared by the Giants' medical staff before returning to football activities. There was talk a while ago he had passed a physical but that was not one performed by the Giants. His working out right now is simply a continuation of his rehab.

-- Jones did not sign a contract extension, as had been reported down in New Orleans. He merely lowered his base salary in the next two seasons. He was already signed for two more years.

So in short, Jones is here working out with the Giants, just as he promised he would. Next month, we should have a better idea for whether this remarkable comeback can be completed.

The deal with Jones appears to be this: He's a guy the Giants liked enough to draft in the third round. Had the accident never happened, their plan was for him to have been a part of their secondary by now. Life intervened, and so he is not. But if he gets healthy enough to participate in football activities, he's somebody who can become a part of their program, albeit two years later than they planned. Should that happen ... well, they'll see.

There's no way for the Giants to make a plan for this or any other season that has Jones in it. If he plays in the NFL, this year or any other year, it will have to qualify as a pleasant surprise. And everybody's always happy to adjust for those. The Giants will give Jones all the help he needs to complete his comeback. They'll pull for him. And everyone in the organization will feel a tremendous sense of pride and appreciation if he pulls it off. But as great as his recovery story is to this point, we're still a long way from knowing when or whether he'll be able to take the field as a Giant.