Romo, Aikman disagree on Aikman v. Romo

A few weeks ago, Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman said he believed current Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was a better quarterback than he was. This quote startled a lot of people, because rather than use the currently accepted meathead concept that the only acceptable way to evaluate an athlete is by the number of championships he's won, Aikman was actually analyzing the way Romo plays the position. How dare someone even suggest that there was a way to judge a player other than the way on which the modern masses have all somehow come to agree?

Anyway, Romo had a news conference Tuesday during which he discussed a variety of topics, including this one. And he gave a very nice answer, per Todd Archer:

"I think first whenever Troy Aikman says anything in a positive way about you as a quarterback it makes you feel good," Romo said. "For me it just means that Troy thinks that you're doing something right and I think that's exciting from a quarterback's perspective, coming from a guy who's one of the greatest players ever to play in the game. But I don't think I belong in that discussion, so Troy I think was being nice. But definitely I'm not going to wash it away and say it doesn’t matter because it makes me feel good so I'm going to take that. But I do think that there's no discussion. I think Troy Aikman is on his own mountain top by himself."

As Cowboys quarterbacks go, yes, Romo lags behind Aikman in career accomplishments. Aikman was assessing Romo's actual ability as a player and a passer, and in that respect there are few who take a back seat to Romo. But Romo remains focused on attaining that which Aikman attained, in terms of on-field success as judged by wins and losses. Being as good a player as he is should translate to that kind of success, but as Aikman surely knows, there are many other things that go into it. If the Cowboys can improve their defense over the next year or so -- and if Romo can continue to play the way he himself played in 2011 -- there's little reason to believe he can't get himself a shot at a spot on that mountain top.