Redskins continue offensive overhaul

Jabar Gaffney led the Washington Redskins in catches and receiving yards last year. On Tuesday, the Redskins released him. This might seem incongruous, but it speaks to where the Redskins are in their franchise building process.

Gaffney, who caught 68 passes for 947 yards in 2011 from the Redskins' quarterback combination of Rex Grossman and John Beck, isn't part of the future plans for the offense. The Redskins signed free-agent wide receivers Pierre Garcon (25 years old) and Josh Morgan (26) in advance of drafting quarterback Robert Griffin III (22) with the second pick in the draft. Gaffney isn't an old man by any means at 31, but the Redskins want to put a receiving corps around Griffin that can grow and flourish with him as he develops as an NFL quarterback.

Why not cut Santana Moss, who turns 33 next month and had a worse year than Gaffney had? Well, one reason is that the Redskins believe Moss will be better as the slot receiver with guys like Garcon, Morgan and second-year man Leonard Hankerson on the outside, where Gaffney's role is likely (they hope) going to be filled by Garcon, who offers more big-play potential.

The Redskins like Gaffney and appreciate the production he gave them last year. They just don't see much value in having him around going forward as they develop their young offense around their new star quarterback. He was a 2011 stopgap, kind of like Grossman was at quarterback. They're not cutting him because of anything he said or did on Twitter a couple of weeks back. They're not cutting him because they don't think he's any good. They're cutting him because he doesn't fit there anymore.

And yeah, to answer a question I know I'll get 1,000 times in the next couple of days, I believe the Dallas Cowboys would be wise to take a look at him.