Breakfast links: Couple more rookie camps

Dallas Cowboys

Tyron Smith knows the Cowboys' expectations for him are high as he moves from right tackle to left tackle in his second NFL season. There's nothing to indicate that he's going to have any kind of serious problem with this transition. Kid's a stud.

Calvin Watkins believes the Cowboys have made themselves better this offseason, but he also believes the rest of the teams in the division have done the same, and that it's not going to be any easier for the Cowboys just because of the improvements they made.

New York Giants

Last year was, if you remember, a strange year to be an NFL rookie. There were no rookie minicamps -- no offseason program at all, due to the lockout. This year it's all back to normal, and as the Giants open their rookie minicamp today, they're expecting that normality to help this year's rookies make an immediate contribution.

Speaking of rookies, while "sign" and "rhyme" don't exactly rhyme, "Hosley" and "Mosley" do, and the Giants have signed third-round pick Jayron Hosley and fourth-round pick Brandon Mosley to their rookie contracts in advance of this weekend's camp. And even though their first-round and second-round picks haven't signed, a) they surely will soon and b) they are allowed to participate this weekend anyway.

Philadelphia Eagles

No veterans allowed at rookie minicamps this year, so as the Eagles open theirs today as well, every face will be a new face. The coaching staff is excited about it, and if you click on Les Bowen's preview story you can also find out what uniform numbers the draft picks will be wearing. If you're into that sort of thing.

Sheil Kapadia looked at the very, very early betting lines and saw that the Eagles are actually favored to win 13 of their first 15 games this season. Obviously, you don't need me to tell you that a 13-2 start would set the Eagles up rather nicely for the playoff run they hope to make in 2012-13. You also don't need me to remind you that betting lines are designed based not on which team the oddsmakers think will win but rather on which way they expect people to bet. You don't, right?

Washington Redskins

It's the Redskins' 80th anniversary season, and they're going to have a couple of games this year in which they wear throwback uniforms. They had a big shindig Thursday to unveil the uniforms and their plans for their celebration. Here's a photo of Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo in the throwbacks. The helmets are supposed to look like old leather helmets. They don't, of course, but the league probably won't let them use real leather.

The Redskins and Cowboys had their day in front of the arbitrator Thursday, arguing that the league shouldn't have imposed salary cap-penalties against them for their spending during the 2010 uncapped year. No timetable for a decision or further hearings, but this won't be resolved any time soon.