Breakfast links: Cole hunting sacks, more

Good morning. I certainly hope everyone had a fine holiday weekend. Remember: Today's Tuesday, not Monday. That always screws me up. Maybe some links will help.

Philadelphia Eagles

Trent Cole is an understated star who doesn't seek or get as much attention as a lot of his peers. The reason for that, he explains to Jonathan Tamari, is that he really likes to spend most of his time concentrating on hunting. He does have big on-field goals for this season, though.

Eagles special-teams ace Colt Anderson is rehabbing from the knee injury that ended his 2011 season and says he's on track to be ready for the season opener. Anderson was a very important part of the Eagles' special-teams units before the injury, and his return would have an impact.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins are updating their 70 greatest Redskins by adding 10 more and making it 80, and the new 10 will be voted on by fans and come from the Redskins teams of the past decade. This time, the added greats don't have to be players. They can be coaches or front-office types. Rick Snider thinks that's a good thing.

Dan Daly is interested to see whether some Redskins veterans look better this year than they did last year, since they now have that full offseason to prepare. Remember Chris Cooley calling himself "a casualty of the lockout?" Well, this year gives a guy like that a chance to prove he was right.

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins covers baseball this time of year, but he took time out in the wake of Friday's report about trade interest in Mike Jenkins to explain why the Cowboys have no interest in trading Jenkins.

Now, assuming they keep all of their cornerbacks, the Cowboys are going to have to figure out how to align and play them all. Tim MacMahon suggests the possibility of Orlando Scandrick as a safety/corner hybrid type of player, though Scandrick doesn't seem too keen on that possibility.

New York Giants

You guys know the story of Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn and how he had to wait until late November for the Giants to call him and put him back on the team and then ended up making the interception that turned the Super Bowl around. Good for Blackburn for using his story for inspiration in all of the charity work he's been doing ever since.

Giants 101 takes a look at the bright side of the Hakeem Nicks foot injury and examines the ways in which the other wide receivers on the Giants' roster might benefit from Nicks' offseason absence, assuming of course that it doesn't become a regular-season absence as well.