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I know you guys and I have had our moments, and that we've fought and argued over matters regarding your favorite teams. But I like to think we're all in this thing together, and that... well, that you have my back. So, to that end, as I prepare to spend all day in airports and in the air, I offer you this video, which is a new ESPN.com feature called "The Huddle" that we plan to do every week. It's a look at three hot topics around the league, but this week the NFC East hook is, unfortunately, the story of Andy Reid losing his son. With Ashley Fox and Jamison Hensley, we discuss that, the Terrell Owens signing in Seattle and whether Joe Flacco has a chance to make a big leap this year with the Ravens.

Like I said, this won't always be NFC East-related, but they seem to like using me on this kind of stuff, and I'd like to do a good job with it. So you know, since I feel like you guys probably have my back, give it a click, give it a watch and let me know how you think we can make it better. Preciate it.