Breakfast links: Home sweet home

Yes, the training camp trips are over for this year. Just in time to catch the Eagles and the Redskins tonight in their preseason openers. I enjoyed my travels. Learned a lot about our teams. Ate too much food. Didn't get enough sleep. Had a blast. But as always, it's good to be home. I present you with your home-cooked Thursday links.

New York Giants

Justin Tuck got a kick out of Clay Matthews' comments that the Packers "beat themselves" in their playoff loss to the Giants last year. Just so ridiculous. I mean, no team played its best football against the Giants in last year's playoffs, and you know why? Because the Giants played absolutely great. They beat the Packers by 17 points, in Green Bay. Matthews has nothing to talk about.

The Giants made their assistant coaches available this week. Here's tight ends coach Mike Pope on Martellus Bennett, Bear Pascoe, Adrien Robinson and the idea that the Giants ask their tight ends to be blockers first before they can think about using them as receivers.

Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick was close with Garrett Reid, and would do anything for Andy Reid, and so it's no surprise that he's emotional about Garrett's death Sunday. Vick said Wednesday that he would dedicate the season to the memory of his coach's son.

Sheil Kapadia took a shot at a 53-man roster projection. His doesn't include Chris Polk, Joselio Hanson, Chad Hall or Colt Anderson. Interesting stuff. Anderson was pretty important to them as a special-teamer last year, but if he can't do anything else, you do have to wonder.

Washington Redskins

Rich Campbell's five questions about tonight's Redskins preseason opener touch on Robert Griffin III, Chris Cooley, the safeties, the offensive line and the running backs. I'd say that about covers it. I know I'm going to watch.

Mike Jones writes that the competition for starting spots at safety remains wide open, and that some names you might not expect are in the mix.

Dallas Cowboys

Brandon Carr tells Calvin Watkins he's still "a work in progress," which is of course always a good frame of mind in which to keep oneself. Personally, I thought he looked like one of the best players on the field in the practices I watched this week.

And Tim MacMahon writes that the injuries the Cowboys have had to cornerbacks Morris Claiborne and Mike Jenkins have hampered defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's creativity this camp.