Should Snyder get most of the blame?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins didn't pull any punches this morning when she went after Redskins owner Dan Snyder. She thinks the organization's failures fall squarely on the shoulders of Snyder, a man who can be hard to reach when the team's struggling.

"For a decade now, Daniel Snyder has made an utter mess of the team, and yet he seldom, if ever, takes responsibility for it," writes Jenkins. "He operates from behind a phalanx of security, proxies and media managers, routinely declining to comment and be accountable. He wants all the fun when they win and none of the blame when they lose. The most damning anecdote I've heard yet about Snyder came this week from his former player-confidante LaVar Arrington, who described how Snyder would stand outside the locker room and shake hands with players when they won, but glared and declined to offer a hand when they lost."

Jenkins would like for Snyder to be more accountable for his actions, but it's not like the guy's going to change. He worships Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, but he doesn't share Jones' charisma and desire to be the center of attention. Snyder can actually be somewhat engaging in one-on-one conversations, but those are few and far between. To actually think that Snyder would change his approach at this point seems pretty naive to me.