The Beast Report: Special Giants Edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

  • As Mike Garafolo reports in the Star-Ledger, the Giants aren't exactly thrilled with their early bye week. If you throw out last season's bye week after the London game, the Tom Coughlin era has been filled with early byes. He didn't run away from the topic Monday. Asked if he'd received an explanation from the league, Coughlin said, "I have not. But I would like that you would look into that for me. While you're at it, try to figure out why everyone else in our division has the bye in a little different situation than we do."

  • Former Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey will miss three to six weeks with a sports hernia. If you want to know how effective Shockey will be when he returns, look at the way Donovan McNabb and L.J. Smith responded to sports hernias for the Eagles. This is an injury that will affect Shockey for the entire season. To get over this one, you need an off-season. Another huge setback for a team we thought might make some noise in the NFC.

  • Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News doesn't think you should worry about Aaron Ross' recurring shoulder issues. I'm actually reading Ralph's Eli Manning book this morning. I'll provide a review at some point. Some pretty compelling stuff from the late Wellington Mara. I may provide some excerpts from that chapter -- with Ralph's permission of course.

  • OK, OK. I've already heard enough whining about the early bye for one day. Here's what Paul Schwartz had to say in the Post.

  • I'm about to call the Giants and ask for one of the following players: Justin Tuck, Fred Robbins, Antonio Pierce, Brandon Jacobs. Which one of those players do you want to hear from? Just let me know in the next 30 minutes or so. Need to put in the request.