NFC East 2012 team previews

By now, I imagine, most of you have seen my 2012 division predictions post that ran Thursday. It ran in conjunction with our league-wide NFL preview, which featured individual team previews including predictions by the national NFL writers on our staff and "intelligence reports" (yeah, yeah, I know...) written by myself and our other seven NFL division bloggers. In case you had not yet seen those posts, I hereby present you with links to all four of mine:

New York Giants, in which three of us pick them to win the division and two others have them finishing second.

Philadelphia Eagles, in which (as you'd imagine, based on that last one) three of us have them finishing second and the other two have them winning the East.

Dallas Cowboys, in which all five of us have them finishing third.

Washington Redskins, in which all five of us have them finishing fourth.

As I said, much greater detail in the links themselves. I hope you enjoy them. I'm here if you have any questions.