Breakfast links: Ogletree as overnight star

Dallas Cowboys

The next challenge for Kevin Ogletree, now that he's become an overnight sensation by starring in the nationally televised first NFL game of the season, is to handle a week and a half's worth of hype. Tim MacMahon writes that Ogletree and the Cowboys understand that.

Jason Witten came through Wednesday's game without any trouble in spite of the world's most famous lacerated spleen. With 10 days between games now, it seems Witten should be back to something close to his old self in time for the Cowboys' Week 2 trip to Seattle.

Washington Redskins

Heading into his third season as Redskins offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan finally feels as though he's got the tools he and the team need to succeed.

John Keim writes on the improvements Ryan Kerrigan has made in pass coverage. And because he's John Keim, he writes about several other things too, including the perceived viability of Alfred Morris as the lead back in the Redskins' running back committee.

Philadelphia Eagles

Darryl Tapp explained to Geoff Mosher why he took such a significant pay cut in order to remain on the Eagles' roster. People do like playing for Andy Reid, and there is a sense around the Eagles that everybody wants to fix what went wrong last year.

Bob Ford believes this is a no-lose season for Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, who will either get to enjoy the success of a team in which he believes or will get to make a coaching change as fully supported by his fan base as any owner has ever made.

New York Giants

I understand that the life of a professional football player is probably pretty cool. That said, based on everything we've heard from Tom Coughlin since Wednesday night's game ended, I'm not sure I'd trade places with any of the current Giants players over the next week and a half.

David Wilson says he wasn't crying after the fumble, and truth be told the picture doesn't tell you unequivocally whether he was or not. But goodness gracious do things get made a big deal of in this time in which Wilson finds himself a rookie in the NFL.