How you feeling? Eagles-Steelers

PITTSBURGH -- As the Philadelphia Eagles prepare to face the Steelers here at 1 pm ET on Sunday afternoon, here is one reason for Eagles fans to be feeling good and one reason for concern.

Feeling good: The Eagles have shown a great deal of toughness and resolve so far this year -- characteristics they appeared to lack during last season's disappointing start. So while Heinz Field is one of the least welcoming venues in the league, there's little reason to think this Philadelphia team can't handle the difficulties it and the Steelers present. So far this season, the Steelers' defense has just one interception and one forced fumble, which means they don't (so far, at least) appear to be a team poised to take advantage of the Eagles' biggest weakness. They aren't an easy team against which to move the ball this year, averaging 190 pass yards and 101 rushing yards allowed per game, but the Eagles have shown an ability to win tough, low-scoring games and should feel good about their chances to hang in as long as they can hold onto the ball.

Cause for concern: Any team stats the Steelers have put up this season have come shorthanded, as they've been without linebacker James Harrison and running back Rashard Mendenhall for their first three games and without star safety Troy Polamalu for the past two. All three of those players are expected back this week, which means the Steelers are getting healthy and should be well-rested coming off their bye week. The Eagles are still banged up on the offensive line, so if Harrison is going to boost the Pittsburgh pass rush, it could make life difficult for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.