A word from Scouts Inc. on Jason Taylor

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Since I've been e-mailing back and forth with the talented Keith Kidd of Scouts Inc. about Jason Taylor, I thought some of you guys might like to eavesdrop. Keith had a lot to say about how Taylor will make the Redskins a better team, but he's a bit concerned about the Pro Bowler lining up at left defensive end.

"Taylor played last season on the right side and sometimes was used as a stand-up outside linebacker in Miami's 3-4 system," Kidd wrote recently. "But [Andre] Carter is an undersized end who is best suited to play on the right side as well, and it would be difficult to move him to the left side because his lack of size would make him vulnerable against the run, especially considering that most teams run to their offense's right side. The Redskins no doubt would like Taylor to play with his hand in the dirt and simply rush the passer from the right side, but he could end up playing on the left side on rushing downs and moving to the right side in passing situations. Regardless, Taylor's experience and versatility should allow [defensive coordinator] Greg Blache to resolve the issue early in camp."

Keith also said that Taylor still has a lot of quickness and deceptive power when he makes contact with blockers. He also has exceptional footwork -- especially if he hears salsa music. I also found it interesting that Keith thinks Taylor's presence will allow Blache to be a lot more creative with his coverage schemes. It's like I've always said, Blache will flat out scheme you to death.

Thanks to Keith for stopping by. I'm hoping to do more with our Scouts Inc. team on the new blog.