Breakfast links: Can Cruz cash in?

Welcome to Wednesday. Let's link.

New York Giants

Victor Cruz is at that point at which many young NFL stars so often find themselves. He understands how brief NFL careers are. He's playing his position as well as anyone in the league, possibly better than he ever will again. And so the time to look into that long-term contract is now. So, while on one hand he insists he's focused on football, on the other hand he hopes he can get a new contract worked out during this season. Could the Giants afford to do this? Sure. Will they? Not so sure. They have other issues, including the contract status of fellow wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, to address next offseason. My guess is they let this year play out and decide on this after it's over.

Antrel Rolle admits the Cowboys were the better team Sept. 5 when they beat the Giants at MetLife Stadium. He believes the Giants will prove to be the better team Sunday in Arlington. And there's some stuff in there about whether or not Jerry Jones ever played football, and the upshot is that all these guys go on the radio every Tuesday and it passes for news.

Philadelphia Eagles

Amid all of the talk of bye-week changes, one thing remains the same as it was before the season ever started -- these Eagles will go as far as Michael Vick takes them.

Ray Didinger looks at reasons to doubt that the 6-0 Falcons who come to town to play the Eagles on Monday are not "for real." One of Ray's reasons is that none of the teams the Falcons have beaten so far has a winning record. Of course, it's worth pointing out that neither does the team they're playing Sunday.

Dallas Cowboys

Here's the lowdown on the potential loss of Cowboys inside linebacker Sean Lee for the remainder of the season, in case you missed it last night. I think it's as brutal a loss as the Cowboys could possibly suffer, and that you can make the strong case that Lee has been Dallas' best player this season.

The Cowboys are going to sign former Packers safety Charlie Peprah, since they're banged-up at that position and, obviously, on defense in general. Can't hurt.

Washington Redskins

Remember when Brandon Banks as the tailback was going to be a difference-making key for the Redskins on those triple-option plays? Well, they didn't use him in that role Sunday. I don't know. I think what it means is that the Redskins' coaches are going to keep changing the offense all the time, from game to game or even quarter to quarter, and that if opposing defenses can't keep up with it then probably neither can we.

Robert Griffin III is extremely conscious of the way people perceive him. And in the case of his teammates, it's very important to him. He explains why and how he's endeavored to present himself as something other than a rookie.