Breakfast links: Jones grows more skeptical

I have a dental appointment this afternoon, so you guys are going to have to keep me posted on all the disrespectful things players on other teams are saying about the Giants and what the Giants' players are saying in response. Cool? Thanks.

Here are your links.

New York Giants

Well-intentioned outside suggestions notwithstanding, Victor Cruz says he'd never consider holding out during the season to get a new contract. So you can stop worrying about that, if you were, which you shouldn't have been.

On a related note, some interesting stuff here from Eli Manning about his relationships with his receivers and how it's different now than it was back when he was the new kid and the receivers were the established veterans. If you read this, you understand a bit of why the Giants aren't ultra-motivated to hand out new contracts to their receivers during the season.

Philadelphia Eagles

Paul Domowitch checked out ProFootballFocus.com's offensive line rankings, and found that the Eagles rank 20th, which I think is better than a lot of people may have expected.

Even with a new defensive coordinator promising a reduced level of predictability, it sounds as though pass-rushers Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry are going to have to continue to wait patiently for their opportunities to contribute.

Dallas Cowboys

People keep asking me if the Sean Lee injury will make me change my preseason prediction about the Cowboys (which was that they would finish 8-8). The answer is no. I won't change my preseason predictions until they are mathematically impossible. However, it sounds as though the injury is affecting Jerry Jones' belief about what his team can accomplish this season.

As part of the plan to try and replace Lee, the Cowboys have signed former Lions first-rounder (and former Eagle) Ernie Sims, who's eager to prove he can play in this league after all.

Washington Redskins

Pierre Garcon's injury is serious. It's kind of like Lee's injury, except not as extensive. And while the Redskins are still calling Garcon week-to-week, it seems unlikely you'll see him back on the field before Thanksgiving.

After breaking down the numbers, Brian Burke thinks the key to keeping Robert Griffin III safe and productive is to cut back on the designed runs while still allowing him to scramble.