Brunch links: Yeah, I'm back

The NFC East blog has relocated to an undisclosed location that has power and Internet access. I will therefore be able to blog as normal. I hope for all of your sake that the disruption to the NFC East blog is the biggest problem you've had during the past 24 hours. Thanks to the ESPN blog editors for posting during my absence. The regular noon Tuesday chat has been canceled. Here are just a couple of midday links.

New York Giants

Stevie Brown has had dazzling moments as a fill-in at safety for the injured Kenny Phillips, and one of the reasons for that is Brown's nose for the ball. NFL fans' memories being as short as they are, I found myself answering questions on Twitter yesterday about what the Giants will do with Brown when Phillips returns, and whether Brown has taken his job. He has not, because Phillips is one of the best in the league. But he's given the Giants reason to feel very good about their depth behind the starters at safety.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jeff McLane writes that the problem with the Eagles' version of the wide nine is its single-minded focus on the pass rush at the expense of pretty much anything else, and that it's costing them.

Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett says the Cowboys are feeling a "tremendous amount of urgency" in advance of Sunday night's game against the Falcons in Atlanta. Hopefully for their sake, they show a little bit more of it than the Eagles did this past Sunday against those same undefeated Falcons.

Washington Redskins

With Fred Davis out for the season, Logan Paulsen has become the Redskins' new No. 1 tight end. And he says he felt pretty good about the way his first game with that rank went. I remain interested to see the extent to which Chris Cooley and Niles Paul factor in as the season goes along -- how quickly Cooley can knock off the rust and whether Paul begins to get more comfortable with the blocking responsibilities his new position requires.