Breakfast links: Giant hopes for Hokies

New York Giants

If Prince Amukamara can't play Sunday because of his hamstring injury, rookie Jayron Hosley would get the start at cornerback for the Giants in his place. That would mean they could be counting on two Virginia Tech rookies to help them win this important game in Atlanta.

Prior to January's playoff game, Justin Tuck referred to the Falcons' offensive line as "dirt bags." But in the credit-where-it's-due department, the Giants now say a coaching change has resulted in cleaner play by the Falcons on the line.

Washington Redskins

How does a quarterback learn while he spends his rookie season in a backup role? For Kirk Cousins, the keys have been the help he's received from the starting quarterback, Robert Griffin III, and a brief flash of in-game experience.

Meanwhile, not knowing for sure yet whether Griffin or Cousins will start Sunday's game in Cleveland has created a game-planning "challenge" for offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant insists he'll play Sunday against the Steelers in spite of a broken left index finger, and Tony Romo says he won't plan on doing anything differently in terms of throwing Bryant the ball just because of the finger.

The Cowboys have gone through a lot in the past year, and it's got DeMarcus Ware thinking and talking about responsibility.

Philadelphia Eagles

Amid another dismal loss in a lost season for the Eagles, Reuben Frank saw some encouraging things from a defense that's playing much better the past two weeks. The 34 points the Eagles gave up Thursday had a lot more to do with turnovers and short fields than they did with the way the defense got after the Bengals.

The idea that Bryce Brown should retain a significant role in the offense even after LeSean McCoy returns took another hit Thursday, and it was a familiar-looking one -- Brown's problem with fumbling.