How you feeling? Redskins-Browns

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- As the Washington Redskins prepare to face the Cleveland Browns in a 1 p.m. road game, here's one reason for Redskins fans to feel good about the game and one reason for concern.

Feeling good: The Redskins' defense has been barely getting by, scheming and adjusting to overcome personnel and injury problems, particularly in the secondary. But this game offers a potential for a breather. The Browns are 26th in the league in offensive yards per game at 321.8 and 24th in the league in points per game at 19.9. Cleveland has been playing well during its current three-game winning streak, but rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden remains mistake-prone (13 touchdown passes, 15 interceptions), and the Browns' offense relies mainly on rookie running back Trent Richardson. Washington has the seventh-best run defense in the league this year, and perhaps the Browns' offense plays into the Redskins' strengths.

Cause for concern: Well, the quarterback situation, which has not been a point of concern for Redskins fans this year but now is in the wake of the Saturday night news that Kirk Cousins will start in place of Robert Griffin III, who injured his knee last week against the Baltimore Ravens. You have to think that the Redskins have a package and and offense designed for Cousins, who has been the only other quarterback on the roster besides Griffin to be active for any game this season. But until you see Cousins deliver in whatever that offense is, you have to be worried.