Breakfast links: Ageless London Fletcher

We always had scrapple for breakfast on Christmas. Long-standing tradition in my house. Day after, though, back to links.

Washington Redskins

Things aren't as easy as they used to be for 37-year-old Redskins linebacker London Fletcher, who looks his age while he watches practice from the sideline. But on game days, Fletcher continues to play the way he always has, and he seems to be mustering something extra during this Redskins playoff run.

Rich Campbell checks in on rookie running back Alfred Morris, who's closing in on a team rushing record but hasn't changed a bit.

Dallas Cowboys

After reviewing tape of the Cowboys' Thanksgiving Day loss to the Redskins, ESPN Stats & Information has concluded that the Cowboys must be very selective Sunday night in determining when and when not to blitz Robert Griffin III.

Whether the Cowboys blitz or not, their chances would be better if they had a healthy DeMarcus Ware. He is not healthy, but Ware says he'll play through his shoulder injury in the biggest game of the year.

New York Giants

Osi Umenyiora says there's a "high probability" that he'll be playing somewhere else next season, which would make Sunday his last game with the Giants should they lose it or should the Cowboys, Vikings or Bears win their games. I think he's probably right, though I'm not 100 percent sure. The Giants love those pass-rushers, and Umenyiora still brings a level of athleticism to the thing that's tough to find on the market.

Gary Myers takes things a step further and names Corey Webster and Justin Tuck, along with Umenyiora, as Giants defensive mainstays who might not be back in 2013. That would represent a major overhaul the likes of which you don't usually see with the Giants. As to whether it's possible or likely, I really don't think the Giants know yet. They didn't expect to be in this position right now.

Philadelphia Eagles

As we likely enter Andy Reid's final days as the Eagles' coach, I enjoyed this Bob Ford column about Reid as a man who never really let Philadelphia get to know him.

Reuben Frank has some numbers that cast Nick Foles in a favorable light in comparison to other rookie quarterbacks. With Foles' season over, I guess everybody's welcome to be as excited or encouraged as they want to be. I think Foles showed some good things but that there's no way to go into next season certain about what he is or what he can be simply based on what we've seen.