Breakfast links: Eagles shut out

I swear if I hear the word "snub" one more time I'm keeping all the links for myself...

Washington Redskins

Here's a really good Barry Svrluga feature on Pierre Garcon, the free-agent wide receiver whose return from a foot injury has been as big a reason as any for the Redskins' second-half surge.

After carrying the ball just two times for just 4 yards in Sunday's victory over the Eagles, Robert Griffin III says his running game will be a greater part of his arsenal in this week's division title game against the Cowboys. Now, it's possible that's just what the Redskins want the Cowboys to think, but the way I understand Griffin's knee injury is that it should be improving every week and be getting close to full strength here in the next week or so.

Dallas Cowboys

Jean-Jacques Taylor writes that Jason Garrett has earned another season as Cowboys coach regardless of what happens Sunday night, and as you guys know I agree completely. I thought this was an 8-8 Cowboys team before all of the injuries hit. The fact that they'll be at least that and still could be a 9-7 division champion tells me the man has done a good job.

Those of us who covered the Super Bowl in Dallas a couple of years ago are shocked -- shocked! -- that the Cowboys were unable to clear their practice fields of ice and snow so they could practice outdoors Wednesday. Way I remember it, that place handles winter weather so well...

New York Giants

Justin Tuck promises he'll play Sunday. No word on if he'll sack the quarterback if he does. The Giants appear to have stopped doing that.

Hakeem Nicks says he might not be able to play in the season finale against the Eagles, though, and it's possible that an extremely frustrating season that has seen Nicks unable to get or stay healthy has concluded one game early.

Philadelphia Eagles

The last time prior to this year that the Eagles didn't have a single Pro Bowler was, somewhat ironically, the last year before Andy Reid was their head coach.

Jason Babin says the Eagles are "a big socialistic system," and while I have no idea what on Earth he means by that or if he really believes he's making sense, I found it funny enough to include here.