A passionate defense of McNabb

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Players across the league take Tuesdays off, but Daily News beat writer Les Bowen has The Eagletarian blog humming. He didn't care for a column Bob Ford wrote in the Philadelphia Inquirer following Sunday night's game, and then provided several reasons.

There's nothing I like better than a catfight between journalists. Unfortunately, I don't think Bob has embraced the blog era, so we may not hear a response. Bowen thought Ford was far too critical of quarterback Donovan McNabb following the Eagles' 24-20 loss to the Bears. See if you can feel the passion oozing from Les he defends the honor of McNabb. He's reacting to Ford's statement that McNabb "came up remarkably small."

Hmmm. OK, I'm trying to get there. Let's see. On that goalline stand series, after completing all four of the passes he attempted, perhaps McNabb should have drawn up a play in the Soldier Field dirt, a quadruple reverse, say, with either Rudy or Vince Papale carrying the ball across the goal line, as the music swells and the shot of the celebrating players is frozen, just before the credits roll. That would've been better.

And that interception, where the super rookie, DeSean Jackson, broke off his post pattern and went outside just as McNabb was throwing to where he should have been? McNabb should have anticipated Jackson doing that. They're paying this guy a lot of money. Is telepathy too much to ask?