Wrap-up: Panthers 20, Redskins 17

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

It looked like the Redskins were headed toward a 3-2 record at one point in the second half. They had a 15-point lead and you would've thought the Panthers would be ready to fold. But that's not what happened.

The Panthers raced down the field and made it 17-12, and the Skins never really recovered. The huge play was the fourth-quarter punt return on which Byron Westbrook collided with Antwaan Randle El. The Panthers were awarded the ball and they made the Skins pay.

The Redskins are an absolute mess but I'm not sure an in-season coaching change would make all that much difference. They play the Chiefs at FedEx next Sunday. I'd wait to see if they can beat Kansas City. If you lose that game, then go ahead and make the change. But if you win that game, you're hosting the Eagles the following Monday with a chance to go to 4-3.

I'd like to see Zorn get a full season -- even if it's his last. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see Snyder go after Mike Shanahan after the season. But Shanahan's not going to accept an interim job. Stick with Zorn and see if he can get a win next Sunday.

It's not like the Redskins played particularly well in the first half Sunday, but they'd done enough to have a 10-2 lead. Then they made it 17-2 in the third quarter. Now, the Jim Zorn watch is on again. The Redskins have brought in offensive consultant Sherman Lewis to try and offer suggestions to Zorn and offensive coordinator Sherman Smith. Either Lewis or defensive coordinator Greg Blache could take over on an interim basis if Dan Snyder fires Zorn.

What a joke that DeAngelo Hall couldn't bring down quarterback Jake Delhomme on a third-and-9 late in the game. Do we blame that on Zorn, too? I agree that Zorn is in over his head right now, but a coaching change isn't going to accomplish anything -- just like an offensive consultant won't.

Get a close look at Sunday's loss to the Panthers. That's the Redskins in a nutshell.