Could Vick have been a Raider?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

When Michael Vick was released from prison, there was speculation that the Oakland Raiders would try to sign him. Of course, Raiders coach Tom Cable said Wednesday that signing Vick was "never something we seriously considered."

Vick But for good measure, former Vick adviser Tony Dungy recently said on NBC that he advised the quarterback to steer clear of the Raiders organization. The Eagles happen to play the Raiders on Sunday, so Vick was asked to respond to Dungy's remarks.

"When I got released from prison, I didn't care where I would have played," Vick told reporters Wednesday. "It really didn't come up. I think coach Dungy just wanted me to be in a place where I was going to be protected, and I just wouldn't have a lot of pressure on me. I think that's what he meant."

Vick acknowledged that signing with the Raiders would've put a lot of pressure on third-year quarterback JaMarcus Russell, who already had enough to worry about.

"If I'd have gone there, there would have just been a lot of quarterback controversy," Vick said. "I think the most important thing is for JaMarcus to get his reps and get a feel for the game and place, to prove that he can play in this league. You don't get too many years to prove that. They've given him his shot, and he deserved it."

The benevolent Vick then slipped off to take some Wildcat snaps.