It's time for Jacobs to stop talking

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

NEW ORLEANS -- While conducting research on Canal St. earlier today, I noticed quite a few Giants fans. I don't think they're getting ready to take over the Superdome or anything, but they're definitely going to be heard from.

I was just taking a peek at Mike Garafolo's preview on his Star-Ledger blog. It seems like maybe Brandon Jacobs should take a break from talking to reporters. Jacobs told Garafolo that he's seeing an extra defender in the box, and that's why he hasn't been as efficient as Ahmad Bradshaw. To me, that sounds like an excuse.

I've defended Jacobs several times recently, but he needs to stop worrying about what the media's saying and just go play. It's not like Tom Coughlin is getting ready to bench Jacobs or anything. I feel like he's bringing some of this criticism on himself. If he goes out and runs over Saints safety Roman Harper tomorrow, then folks will stop talking.