Cowboys internal investigation clears Adam Jones

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that an internal investigation by the Cowboys has found that cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones did not violate his contract when he was involved in an incident late Tuesday evening at a Dallas hotel.

You knew this would be the team's response. Owner Jerry Jones has said repeatedly that Pacman has lost "benefit of the doubt collateral" but it sounds like that's exactly what the cornerback has received in this situation. I'll be interested to see how the commissioner responds. We're told a league investigation is underway.

According to Mort's report, the bodyguard assigned to Pacman by the team said the two men were "kidding around" and that's what led to a brief scuffle. My favorite part of the story is that Mort says the vanity mirror "suffered minor damage."

Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips will address the topic in about an hour. We'll keep you posted.