Phillips and Jones address Pacman situation

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips presides over the most vanilla news conferences in the league, but things got entertaining earlier Thursday. Reporters demanded answers regarding the Adam "Pacman" Jones incident late Tuesday evening, and at one point the laid-back Phillips raised his voice in anger. It made for great theater.

We're waiting for Jerry Jones to provide "the facts," but while we do, here's the Best of Wade:

Earlier today, Phillips addressed the Pacman situation with players and told them not to let it become a distraction. He also said that Pacman apologized to his teammates this morning. Will this be a distraction, Wade?

"This team from the get-go, that's what we emphasized," he said. "Everybody said the HBO deal was going to be a distraction. ... We've got to focus and go forward, and not let things like this bother us."

Oops. Jerry Jones is speaking now. Jones just said that Pacman was not mentioned in the police report. He also said that the only thing damaged in the hotel bathroom was a "little umbrella-type thing."

Folks, this is high comedy. Jerry's now saying that "kidding" and "jiving" took place leading up to the altercation in the Joule Hotel bathroom. Asked if he's upset with Pacman, the Cowboys owner said, "I'm very disappointed that we're having to deal with this."

He also said that Pacman is "on a high-wire without a net," which is an interesting phrase, since he's currently offering him the net. I knew where this thing was heading. Jerry's basically trying to put this on Pacman's bodyguard.

He said the bodyguard, Tommy Jones, "was an individual that was sitting there to keep [an incident] from happening. We need to get better and understand about the role that is there," Jerry said about the bodyguard that he's personally paying to watch over his player.

Jerry also mentioned that this incident would've never happened around the "cows and cattle" located near Pacman's new home in Prosper, Texas. This is getting deep.

Moments ago, Jerry said this incident was an "apparition." This is shocking news, because I had no clue ghosts were involved in the incident. Maybe this was a reference to the characters from the video game that inspired Pacman's nickname. You know, Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde.

OK, this is getting out of hand. Jerry is talking about Pacman and his bodyguard saying something "uncomplimentary" to each other, which led to the bathroom brawl. I'm going to take a break from Pacman coverage and write about Redskins left tackle Chris Samuels now.