Jerry Jones shows up on Jay Leno's show

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

I've always been more of a David Letterman guy, so I didn't follow Jay Leno over to his new prime time show on NBC. But when a Valley Ranch source tipped me off that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would be appearing on "The Jay Leno Show" on Friday night, I decided to check it out.

Joining Leno for a question and answer segment called "10 at 10," Jones was asked if he had a problem with his players dating celebrities. It was an obvious reference to quarterback Tony Romo's courtship of Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood.

"Well, you know it is all about football, but players can evolve into celebrities and the Cowboys have players that do that," Jones told Leno. "Apart from winning ballgames, spice is nice. And that kind of adds a little gusto to things, so I like it as far as the Cowboys are concerned."

Leno also asked Jones about the size of his TV at home compared to the one currently hanging from the ceiling of Cowboys Stadium.

"I have a 42-inch one at home but I can't work the control," Jones said. "At least here with what the Guinness Book of Records says is the biggest digital board ever, at least I get to say what's up there, so I like this one better than the one I have at home."

Jones had obviously scripted out some of his answers, but he did a nice job delivering his punchlines. As you can see in the video, Jones taped the segment while standing inside his new stadium. It appears that workers were preparing for this weekend's Star Wars concert in the background. And by the way, does anyone know what occurs during a Star Wars concert? I enjoyed the George Lucas films as much as anyone and thought John Williams' musical scores were near perfect, but I don't really see the point of a concert. Did Harrison Ford (Han Solo) have a musical number that was deleted from "Empire Strikes Back?"