Jerry: 'Bottom line is we can compete'

Jerry Jones says he has to be guarded about setting expectations for the Cowboys this season.

That makes sense, considering the somewhat tenuous situation with head coach Jason Garrett, whose seat is relatively warm after the revamping of his coaching staff followed consecutive 8-8 campaigns. Jones doesn’t want to publicly set a minimum that Garrett’s team must hit for the head coach to continue to be employed by the Cowboys.

There will be some wiggle room for circumstances such as injuries. However, Jones is clearly sick of coming close after having the last two seasons end with losses with the NFC East title and a playoff berth at stake.

“The bottom line is we can compete,” Jones said during a Tuesday appearance on KRLD-FM. “We’ve competed with a lot of the players that we have right now. Over the last two years, a lot of people would say, ‘I don’t call 8-8 competing,’ and they’d be justified in saying that.

“We were real close to getting down there at the end of the year. We were very close to getting in the tournament and doing some good things.

“Now, ‘maybe,’ ‘close,’ ‘hopes,’ all those things, they’re hard to chew after you sit back and look back on it after the season’s over. That’s what we’re trying to reverse.”