Three things I learned

Here are three things I learned today, two of which involved plays in the Redskins' victory Monday over Pittsburgh:

  1. On the play in which DeJon Gomes was called for a personal foul on a late hit out of bounds, corner David Amerson needed to play it better. I wrote about this in my defensive review, but talked a little about this with Amerson on Wednesday. I wasn’t sure about his re-route of the receiver, but Amerson said he did a good job in that area on the play, though receiver Antonio Brown wasn’t budged much off his path. Amerson had the flat and saw a receiver running in that direction. But Brown ran a deep out, a hard route for a safety in cover-2, as Gomes was playing, to defend. He needs Amerson to drop deeper -- and that’s what the rookie admitted he should have done.

  2. When I watched Kirk Cousins' injury again, I wondered if he could have dumped the ball to receiver Santana Moss, about seven yards away. Moss was open, but a safety was approximately two yards behind him. So if Cousins had thrown to him, the safety had a clean shot at Moss. Still, he was open. So should he have thrown? Cousins definitely must read the safety on that play, and if he is charging toward the line, then the pass to make is over the top of him. But receiver Josh Morgan had stumbled, ending that opportunity. The mistake Cousins said he made? Not turning up and just sliding to protect himself.

  3. How much the Redskins like their new facility, especially the dining area. They have a chef, a nutritionist and a dietitian. Yeah, the weight room is bigger, too, and they now have a separate room for post-practice press gatherings (they were outside in the past). But it’s the food that keeps them hanging around. “We have a gourmet chef, now I feel underdressed when I go in there,” linebacker Brian Orakpo said. “That’s how crazy the renovations are. All we’re missing is the host when we first get down there.”