Glitch silences NFC Beast in power rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

For all of you who've commented on my "ridiculous" voting in the ESPN.com power rankings Tuesday, I actually have an excuse. According to our technical folks, a "glitch in the system" prevented my personal rankings from being tabulated. This apparently didn't have much effect on the overall rankings, but it made me look like a Cowboys apologist and a Redskins hater. So to set the record straight, here's how I really voted:

  1. Titans

  2. Giants

  3. Steelers

  4. Bills

  5. Redskins

  6. Falcons

  7. Bucs

  8. Panthers

  9. Cardinals

  10. Patriots

  11. Eagles

  12. Jaguars

  13. Packers

  14. Bears

  15. Cowboys

  16. Broncos

  17. Colts

  18. Chargers

  19. Saints

  20. Ravens

  21. Jets

  22. Vikings

  23. Rams

  24. Texans

  25. Browns

  26. Dolphins

  27. Raiders

  28. 49ers

  29. Seahawks

  30. Chiefs

  31. Bengals

  32. Lions

I'm sorry for all the stress and anger that this may have caused my readers. Thanks for your constant devotion. And keep the encouraging e-mails coming.