Jones, Garrett praise Scandrick's character

OXNARD, Calif. -- The Dallas Cowboys' brass poured on the praise about Orlando Scandrick's character on the day the NFL announced the cornerback's four-game suspension.

Scandrick has been privately and publicly apologetic after testing positive for amphetamines, a violation of the league's performance-enhancing drug policy. Scandrick admitted that the positive test was the result of his use of a recreational drug -- MDMA, according to sources -- during an April vacation in Mexico.

"The way he's handled it is the man-up way to handle it," owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. "The most important thing to him is letting us all down and he recognizes that. As a person, he's one of the best people we've had on the Dallas Cowboys. He made a mistake.

"We've known about it for months and months and months and we knew it was very likely that with the rules that he would lose these first four games, so this was no surprise to any of us. But he made a mistake and it's going to be costly to a lot of people but again football and spots gives you a great example -- you let a lot of people down when you mess up. Let a lot people down. Everybody messes up but it's not just you. You're responsible for a lot of people.

"When a guy like him that works as hard as he does, as good a player as he is, good a character inside as he is, has a problem, then I just want to see him pay the price and come on back."

Head coach Jason Garrett also responded to the seven-year veteran's suspension by complimenting his character, lavishing praise on Scandrick as a leader.

"That's the way he's been since he got here," Garrett said. "The guys who have different roles, the manifestations of your leadership come in different forms. But when you see how he practices, how he competes and how he plays really from Day 1 when he got here, he always had a positive influence, which to me is the significant leadership trait. He's always had a positive influence on his team.

"And that's no different as he's become an established player the last few years. I think that's only magnified the leadership role that he's had. We're certainly going to miss that."