Skins' Betts will start against Broncos

Redskins running back Clinton Portis rarely misses games, but the concussion he suffered Sunday against the Falcons will keep him off the field Sunday. No one in the league wants to go on the record about it, but I think you're seeing teams be a lot more cautious in bringing players back from head injuries.

Not long ago, I remembers coaches not thinking twice before bringing a player back from a concussion the following Sunday. Now it seems like a concussion causes an almost automatic one-game absence. With Brian Westbrook's recent concussion has kept him out for two straight games. I don't sense that Portis' concussion is as severe as Westbrook's but the Redskins aren't taking any chances.

Unfortunately, backup Ladell Betts has been a battling an ankle injury that knocked him out of practice Thursday. Coach Jim Zorn said Betts will be ready to go Sunday, but it's not like he can handle 20 carries. Rock Cartwright and someone named Quinton Ganther will serve as the backups.

Regarding the NFL's stance on concussions, it's interesting that Packers linebacker Aaron Kampman felt the need to come out and absolve his coaches and athletic trainers for sending him back in a game with a concussion. He suffered a blow to the head four plays into the game, but he was on the field in the fourth quarter. On Wednesday, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said in a conference call that Kampman would be a game-time decision.