Manning sounds off on Burress

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
IRVING, Texas -- Giants quarterback Eli Manning has deftly avoided the Plaxico Burress controversy, but even dating back to training camp, I could sense that he was frustrated with the wide receiver. I pressed him on the issue during a Wednesday phone conference, and he said something interesting.

Asked if he's talked to Burress about his behavior, Manning said, "Plaxico and I talk every week about the game plan or what's going on. We have a good conversation. He understands that we have a good thing going here, and everybody is accountable for their actions."

It's not like he came out and blasted Burress, but his message was clear. Manning thinks most of his teammates are doing it the right way, and he would like for Burress to join them.

He also talked about how the offense seemed to operate pretty well when Burress was suspended for the Seahawks game and benched for the first quarter of Sunday's victory over the Steelers.

Much more to come on this issue in my Thursday column.