Jerry's in the coaching box

ARLINGTON, Texas -- This is getting serious. Normally Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stands on the outer reaches of the sideline. After the Skins made it 6-0 with a short field goal, he is right in the middle of things. He's not wearing a headset yet, but that might be coming.

It appears he talked to quarterback Tony Romo for a moment and now he's returning to his suite. This is the earliest I can recall him coming to the sideline this season. Also, could someone tell me why the officials in this game are wearing their cold-weather gear? It's 72 degrees with the roof closed.

OK, the crowd's going wild. Romo has finally completed a pass to a wide receiver. Romo extended a play with his feet and then fired a pass across the middle to Miles Austin for 23 yards. Maybe that will get the offense going.

The Redskins should be winning this game by more than six points. They've dropped two certain interceptions inside Cowboys territory and every time they get in the red zone, they get false start penalties. Amazing that the Cowboys are still in position to win the game. Oops, down goes Romo!

Cornelius Griffin beats Leonard Davis to sack Romo. But on second-and-16, the Cowboys come back with a draw play to Marion Barber for 17 yards. Clip and save that play.