Cowboys' Newman laughs off Campo shove

Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman talked for the first time Tuesday about his sideline confrontation with secondary coach Dave Campo in the first half of Sunday's 7-6 win over the Redskins. Newman used humor to dismiss the notion that he and Campo had any lingering issues.

"It’s going down,” Newman said. “It’s going to happen in Vegas. It’s going down. We’ve got Don King promoting. You know? Actually, Jerry Jones is taking over. We’re going to have Jerry. I’m kicking Don out. We’ll have Jerry promoting. We might have to move this whole thing to Cowboys Stadium. It’ll be Pacquiao-Mayweather and Campo-Newman. We’re going to make it happen."

Hey, don't give Jones any ideas. He's already in the process of trying to lure the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight to Cowboys Stadium. A Campo-Newman rematch would be an interesting bout on the undercard. And honestly, I'd have to go with Campo because Newman would have a tough time covering.

Sorry, it just slipped out. Let's get our game face on see what the Eagles are doing in the secondary.