Jacobs: I believe we can fly

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
In reading through the postgame transcripts from the Giants-Ravens game, I came across this gem from running back Brandon Jacobs, who was forced to leave Sunday's game with a knee injury:

Reporter: Are you surprised about putting up the number you did against the number one rush defense as well as scoring on the first drive?

Jacobs: I'm not surprised by anything that we do. We are capable of doing anything. You might see one of us fly one day, you never know. Our line did a good job, our coaches did a good job of calling plays and putting us in positions we needed to be in.

Jacobs' ability to fly is questionable heading into Sunday's game against the Cardinals. But he actually said he could've returned had the Giants needed him against the Ravens.

Jacobs prefaced his statements Sunday by saying he had to be brief because he had tickets to the Knicks-Mavericks game.

"You're going to have to hurry this up because I have to get to the Knicks game to watch them beat up on Dallas," Jacobs said.