The NFC Beast releases power rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Here's how the Beast voted in today's ESPN.com power rankings:

2. New York Giants -- I almost moved them past the Titans after that dominating win over Baltimore, but the Beast will continue to ride with Kerry Collins -- for now. Four voters had the Giants at No. 1.

11. Dallas Cowboys -- One week does not make a team, but the win over the Redskins may have saved the Cowboys' season. Matt Williamson and James Walker fell in love with the Cowboys all over again, moving them all the way to No. 7.

12. Washington Redskins -- Apparently some of my blog brethren didn't realize the Fightin' Zorns are in a tailspin. The Redskins lost to the Cowboys, but my guy Kuharsky has them at No. 7 overall. He also has the Cowboys at No. 16. Oh, and he loves reading e-mail, so make sure you hit him up.

18. Philadelphia Eagles -- This is not a good football team. Donovan McNabb's getting hammered in Philly. A 5-4-1 record looks ridiculous. But take heart, Eagles fans. Tim Graham of AFC East blogging fame still loves you. He has you at No. 11. By the way, Jeff Chadiha dropped the Eagles all the way to No. 22. I'm happy to provide Jeff's e-mail if anyone's interested.