Jerry Jones: Pacman is back

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
After making the official announcement that the Final Four would be played in his new stadium in 2014, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had one more bit of information: Wayward cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones has been reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Pacman will rejoin his teammates on a limited basis Thursday and then return to full-time practice Monday. His first game back will be Dec. 7 in Pittsburgh, which means he'll also miss the Thanksgiving Day game against the Seahawks.

Still, it's a huge win for Pacman and his dwindling group of lawyers. Most NFL insiders assumed Goodell was so upset about having to suspend the cornerback again that he wouldn't reinstate him in 2008. In fact, when Jerry Jones came out a couple of weeks ago and said he'd welcome him back into the fold, it sounded like he was trying to save face for trading for him in the first place.

But while it might be a positive for "Team Pacman" (his attorney, Jerry, Tank Johnson), I'm not sure his teammates and coaches will see it that way. Even before he was suspended, there were coaches on the Dallas staff who privately said Adam Jones wouldn't listen to them. And now that Terence Newman has returned from an injury and rookies Orlando Scandrick and Mike Jenkins have had time to mature, it's hard to see a role for him on this team.

It will only be a matter of time before Pacman embarrasses Jerry, himself, the commissioner and his team again. Even before Jones was suspended, the Cowboys' owner had scolded him for making too many public appearances. But that didn't stop Pacman from getting into a scuffle with his team-hired bodyguard at a trendy downtown Dallas hotel.

It will be interesting to see whether Jerry Jones re-hires the four-man security detail. Perhaps he'll double the number this time.

In this situation, Jerry Jones is completely willing to put his personal interests above the team's. Wade Phillips will slap Jerry on the back and praise him for being the Father Flanagan of the league. Meanwhile, assistant coaches and players will grumble about a player getting another chance. It would be one thing if Adam Jones had truly been an impact player on defense or a threat in the return game.

Jerry Jones is willing to sacrifice team chemistry to cover his rear on this deal. Basically, it's business as usual at Valley Ranch.