In McNabb's defense...

If you were watching the Eagles-49ers game Sunday, you might recall fullback Leonard Weaver and Ahmad Brooks shouting at each other while quarterback Donovan McNabb was desperately trying to spike the ball at the end of the first half. Paul Domowitch of the Daily News says that several e-mailers suggested that McNabb should have gone ahead and spiked the ball while the two argued, prompting off-setting penalties and clock stoppage.

Domo said the e-mailers were using the play as an example of McNabb not being familiar with the rules, so the erstwhile reporter called the league's vice president of officiating Mike Pereira and asked for a clarification. The following response won't please the anti-McNabb faction:

"If the ball would have been snapped, we would have penalized the Eagles for a false start since all offensive players did not get set before the snap," said Pereira. "That would have taken precedent over the defense being offside. There would not have been a play and there would be a 10-second run-off."

And that means the half would have ended without the Eagles having the opportunity to kick a field goal.