Predictions: Cowboys, Eagles keep rolling

Hope that you guys are enjoying the holidays. Now it's time for our weekly predictions in the NFC East. The Beast has been on a roll lately, but we didn't see the Cowboys' upset of the Saints coming. Here's a look at the predictions from our esteemed panel in Bristol.

Panthers at Giants: All eight panelists picked the Giants, which is a bit surprising. The Panthers are coming off a big upset win over the Vikings and Matt Moore is doing a nice job at quarterback. I don't think it's a given that the Giants win this game, but I'm picking them anyway.

Beast pick: Giants 27, Panthers 21. This is not going to be a blowout. The Panthers will keep it close by running on the Giants. In the end, Justin Tuck's two sacks and a Bruce Johnson interception will help preserve a win. There will be some extra emotion with New York playing in Giants Stadium for the final time.

Cowboys at Redskins: The panelists weren't having any fun this week. All eight of them picked the Cowboys to win in Washington. Apparently they watched that woeful Skins performance on "Monday Night Football."

Beast pick: Cowboys 31, Redskins 13. I'm afraid the Redskins have finally given up this season. They'll play hard at the start of the game, but an early touchdown by Miles Austin will cause them to go into shutdown mode. Not even the son of George Allen can prevent this tail-kicking. Jason Campbell will put up good numbers in this game, but he'll be undermined by some baffling play calls in the red zone.

Broncos at Eagles: We finally had someone break from the pack. Adam Schefter has picked the Broncos over the Eagles. The other seven panelists went with the Eagles -- and so will I.

Beast pick: Eagles 28, Broncos 17. After an outpouring of emotion for former Eagles safety Brian Dawkins, Philly will go out and hang at least 300 yards passing on the Broncos. I think the return of Dawkins will actually serve to keep the Eagles from overlooking a fading Broncos team that is coming off a loss to the Raiders. This team's asking to be buried and I think the Eagles will accommodate the Broncos.