Cowboys honor DeCamillis for his courage

One of the most remarkable stories in the NFL this season involves Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamillis' quick return from a broken neck that he suffered when the Cowboys' indoor facility collapsed last May. He returned to the field 15 days after the tragic incident and inspired the Cowboys by leading practices in a large neck brace.

DeCamillis had to miss this past Sunday's game against the Redskins because of an emergency appendectomy and subsequent hernia surgery. But in true form, he was back at Valley Ranch on Wednesday going through a normal day of activities. The Cowboys have presented him with a Special Courage Award.

DeCamillis' return has been inspiring, but I should also point out that Cowboys scouting assistant Rich Behm, who was paralyzed from waist down in the roof collapse, has shown a tremendous amount of courage in returning to work. I see him at least once a week in the halls at Valley Ranch and he's always incredibly upbeat and positive. He also monitors this blog pretty closely and lets me know when he disagrees with something I've written, which happens fairly often.