Report: Sheridan expected to be fired

In the days leading up to the Giants' season finale in Minneapolis, embattled defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan told reporters he "absolutely" expected to return in the same role in 2010. But according to a report in the New York Daily News, Sheridan is expected to fired at some point over the next few days.

Citing unnamed players, coaches and other members of the organization, Ralph Vacchiano reported that Tom Coughlin will likely make a change. It wouldn't be much of a surprise given the fact that the defense gave up a staggering 427 points in '09. The pass rush was almost non-existent for much of the season, and the secondary was constantly in a state of flux. There's also the fact that Sheridan clashed with his players during the season, namely Pro Bowl defensive end Osi Umenyiora.

Defensive tackle Barry Cofield, one of the most thoughtful players on the team, didn't think that last point was such a bad thing.

"I think he has some good intangibles," Cofield said of Sheridan after Sunday's game. "He can do some things right. First-year rookie players aren't expected to light the world on fire a lot of times but coaches don't get that leeway.

"I've never gone into a game thinking, 'We can't win with this game plan.' And I think he showed a lot of heart to stand up to some of the guys we have on this team, guys that are intimidating and well-established players. He wasn't run over by anybody. Those are things he should get credit for. Everything's not his fault. It never is."

Sheridan wasn't helped by key injuries to safety Kenny Phillips and linebacker Antonio Pierce. But that still doesn't explain ending the season with two embarrassing performances. When a team underachieves like the Giants did in '09, someone has to pay. It looks like Sheridan's the first name on the list.